MTK Addr Files V1.2.1 download

MTK Addr Files V1.2.1 download

MTK Addr Files V1.2.1 download

MTK Address files tool for OPPO Realme, Maizu, mtk, devices. which allows users to download Auth bypass also format users code remove FRP Format Address MIcloud, 

Latest MTK Devices working

MTK Addr Files V1.2.1 Released.

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MTK Addr Files V1.2.1 Factory Files Reset 

MTK Addr Files V1.2.1 Pass/Frp/

  1. OPPO Auth  A1k_CPH1923_EX_11_A.19
  2. OPPO Auth  A5s_CPH1909_11_A.27
  3. OPPO Auth  A5s_CPH1912_EX_11_A.24
  4. OPPO Auth  A9_CPH1837_EX_11_A.39
  5. OPPO Auth  A9_CPH1938_EX_11_A.24
  6. OPPO Auth  A31_CPH2015,CPH2073,CPH2081,CPH2031_EX_11_A.37
  7. OPPO Auth  A83_CPH1729_EX_11_A.27
  8. OPPO Auth  A83_CPH1827_EX_11_A.27
  9. OPPO Auth  F5_CPH1723_EX_11_A.41
  10. OPPO Auth  F7 Youth_CPH1859_EX_11_A.32
  11. OPPO Auth  F7_CPH1819_EX_11_A.43
  12. OPPO Auth  F9 Pro_CPH1825_EX_11_A.11
  13. OPPO Auth  F9 Pro_CPH1881_EX_11_A.11
  14. OPPO Auth  F9_CPH1823_EX_11_A.20
  15. OPPO Auth  F9_CPH1825_EX_11_A.20
  16. OPPO Auth  F11 Pro_CPH1969_EX_11_A.35
  17. OPPO Auth  F11 Pro_CPH1987_EX_11_A.17
  18. OPPO Auth  F15_CPH2001_EX_11_A.13
  19. OPPO Auth  F15_CPH2001_PUEX_11_C.39
  20. OPPO Auth  R15_CPH1835_11_A.26
  21. OPPO Auth  Auth  R15_CPH1835_EX_11_A.38
  22. REALME 1 Auth  CPH1861_EX_11_C.45
  23. REALME 3 Auth  RMX1821_EX_11_C.17
  24. REALME C2 Auth  RMX1941_EX_11_A.30
  25. REALME C2 Auth  RMX1941_EX_11_A.31
  26. REALME C11 Auth  RMX2185_EX_11_A.81

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Disclaimer. We guarantee that the firmware and  files on this page is 100% correct But use 'At your own risk.

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