OnePlus 7T Repair IMEI Solution Free

OnePlus 7T Repair IMEI Solution

What is OnePlus 7T Repair IMEI Solution ?

This file is for Repair IMEI of OnePlus 7T, Without Downgrade / Root and no need unlock bootloader.

OnePlus IMEI repair solution (without downgrade without unlock bootloader without root) all android OS version and all security are Supported.

OnePlus 7T Repair IMEI Solution:

OnePlus 7T Repair IMEI Method:

1: First Install both APK

2: Go to dialer menu put code *#801# 

3: Turn on DIAG mode and install drivers

4: Open UMT Pro Ultimate Multi Tool - GSM

5: Go to Oneplus tab

6: In models tab select last model of Oneplus

7: Choose correct  diagnostic port

8: Put new IMEI 

9: Press read info

10: Write IMEI 

All done.

File Name: OnePlus 7T Repair IMEI
Uploaded By:Ali GSM LabFile Size: 10.6MB

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