Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta Free Download

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta

About Apizu Tool V1.7:

About Apizu Tool is a small server-based Free tool for android devices with ADB, Fastboot Functions. it Support Xiaomi, Tecno, iTel, Infinix, Nokia, Google Pixel with Small Functions.

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta Features:

ADB Functions:

  • Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Normal, Download, Fastboot)
  • - FRP ADB 1
  • - FRP ADB 2
  • - FRP ADB 3
  • - Generator V1

Fastboot functions:

  • Reboot (Recover, Normal, EDL, Bootloader)
  • OEM Unlock
  • OEM Relock
  • Flashing Unlock

Xiaomi Function:

  • Read Info
  • Remove Account

Demo Mode

  • Tecno
  • iTel
  • Infinix


Mobile Network, Phone Password


Apple Device, Android Device (All)


Apple Device, Android Device (All)


Disassemble and reassemble Devices Administer cell phone diagnostics.

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta:

Whats New:

Neon Ray v01
Neon Ray v02
Neon Ray v03
Neon Ray v04
Neon Ray v05
Neon Ray v06
Neon Ray v07
Neon Ray v08
Neon Ray v09

Added model & Fixed
Mkopa and Dlight
Nokia 1.4
Nokia 2.3
Nokia 2.4
Nokia 3.4
Nokia 5.4
Nokia C and G series

Sun king

 Pixel Network Unlock
Google Pixel 1
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3xl

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta Registration:

How to register the tool ?

Just fill email or password and click on the register.

MIRROR::  | AndroidFilehost | AndroidHost | Google Drive

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