OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0 Oppo Format Tool

OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0
OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0:

OPPO Qualcomm Tool is a Free Windows tool for Oppo / Relame Devices, It allow users to remove User locks from Qualcomm Devices without AUTH and Offline EDL mode factory reset and remove all user lock from the device.

This Tool is Created by Umi-Team for Free no need Activation or any Credit.

OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0:

OPPO Qualcomm Supported Devices:

Oppo A53 [CPH2127]

Oppo A53s [CHP2139]

Oppo A33 [CPH2137]

Oppo A73 [CPH2099]

Oppo A74 [CPH2219]

OPPO A76 [CPH2375]

OPPO A95 [CPH2365]

OPPO A96 [CPH2333]

Oppo A95 [CPH2365]

Oppo F17 [CPH2095]

Oppo F19 [CPH2219]

Realme 7i [RMX2103]

Realme C15 [RMX2195]

Realme C17 [RMX2101]

Reno 4 [CPH2113]

Reno 5 [CPH2159]

Reno 6[CPH2235]

Reno 7 [CPH2363]

OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0 Update Free

OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0:

REALME Qualcomm Supported Devices:

REALME 7i (RMX2103)

REALME c17 (RMX2101)

REALME 9 (RMX3521)

REALME C15 (RMX2195)

OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0:

How To Use?

Open  OPPO Qualcomm Tool

Launch and Open (Instant)

Connect Device in EDL mode By Pressing Volume ( + - )

Some models direct boot to EDL or some phones Need to short test point [Supported Oppo Realme Reno]

Perform FACTORY RESET Operation

ALL Done.

OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0 Free Download,

OPPO Qualcomm Tool Free,

Oppo QUALCOMM snapdragon tool,

Oppo QUALCOMM Format Tool.


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