EVOTool V1.1.2 MTK Qcom SPD

EVOTool V1.1.2 MTK Qcom SPD

EVOTool V1.1.2 MTK Qcom SPD:

EVO Tool V1.1.2 is a windows tool allowed users to Repair IMEI, Repair Mac Address, Path Certificate, Reset FRP 2022 Method, Network Factory Reset, SW change, Unlock / Relock bootloader, Read codes online, CSC change etc.

EVOTool V1.1.2 MTK Qcom SPD:

V1.1.2 Changelog:

Added Realme Spreadtrum devices,

Support Features: Remove FRP, Write misc (auto factory reset), Write user data, Support safe format.

Realme C11 2021

Realme C21Y

Realme C25Y

Realme C30

Realme C31

Realme C35

Realme C33

Adjust (Honor) Devices Qualcomm erase Honor id & Huawei auto Reset after Unlocking id.

Adjust Honor 9se firehose file. easier to boot the device.

Spreadtrum tools Update, in here we support SPD 6500 6530 6531 CPU with Feature / Smart phone. 

Must Install SPD driver before use SPD Features,

EVOTool V1.1.2 MTK Qcom SPD

EvondtTool 1.1.2:

Supported Devices:








EvondtTool 1.1.2:

EVOTool V1.1.2 Features:

Device Info

Read Certificate

Write Certificate

Repair IMEI

Repair MAC

Read Codes Online

Network Factory Reset

SW Change

Unlock / Relock Bootloader

CSC Change

Reset FRP Lock / FRP Remove

Patch Certificate

Store / Restore Backup

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