MTK META Utility V55 Latest Version

MTK META Utility V55

MTK META Utility V55:

MTK META Utility V55 is a free tool for Bypass MTK Auth, in this update add BootROM mode for VIVO 2022 latest devices, its also support latest MTK devices to Remove User lock, Read / Write NVRAM, Unlock Demo, Allow users to Bypass AUTH and lots of Functions are available.

MTK META Utility V55 VIVO Latest Update:

MTK META Utility Features:

Disable AUTH

VIVO Force BootROM 2022

Factory Reset Meta

Read / Write NVRAM

Samsung Force/Exit BootROM

Unlock Network

Vivo Demo Remove

Samsung Factory Reset

Reboot META

Reboot AT Mode

Dump Preloader

MTK META Utility V55

MTK META Utility V55 Latest Update:

Changelog V55:

  • Add jump into BootROM mode for VIVO devices with latest security (mt6765, mt6771),
  • Added Write PGPT option in BRom mode to fix partition table corruption (Samsung specially dead UFS devices such as A326U, A136U).
  • Fixed wait for DA high speed port device back to BRom port after switch to DA port.
  • Next task as mentioned (offline solution for VIVO MT6768  - MT6833P) and Xiaomi Redmi 9A/9C Poco M31 Boot device/dram init fail solution.
  • To clarify the force/exit BootROM process, so developers can apply this type of ideas to the flashing tools to make it easier for users :

MTK META Utility V55 Vivo Update:

Supported VIVO devices 

with MT6771 and MT6765  chipsets :

Vivo V11i

Vivo X21i

Vivo Z3i

Vivo Y97

Vivo Y01

Vivo Y02s

Vivo Y1s

Vivo Y3s

Vivo Y10

Vivo Y15a

Vivo Y15s

Vivo Y12s

Vivo Y16

Vivo Y20 2021

Vivo Y21

Vivo Y30

Vivo Y30 SE


Please don't try to operate this function for these types below :

  • Devices with KG (Locked/Active).
  • Devices with ((sec ctrl status (0) - TFN)).
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#Disable AUTH Bypass Tool Vivo 2022 New Security,

#VIVO Force BootROM 2022,

#VIVO New Security Force BootROM Tool.


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