PixelFlasher V3.7.0 flash Pixel Devices

PixelFlasher V3.7.0 flash Pixel Devices

PixelFlasher V3.7.0 flash Pixel Devices:

PixelFlasher is an application to flash and (update) Pixel™ Devices (possibly all Google™ made Devices / tablets, YMMV.)

PixelFlasher UI layer on the top of adb / fastboot commands, hence many of its features can be used on non-Pixel devices as well.

The application has two modes (basic) normal mode and (expert) advanced mode.

PixelFlasher V3.7.0 Latest Version:


Android SDK Platform-Tools

Android Pixel phone factory image (Flash File)

Bootloader unlocked Device (see excellent guide links in credits section below)

PixelFlasher V3.7.0


PixelFlasher doesn't need to install, just double-click on it and it'll run.

Check the Github™ releases section for the latest downloads.

It is recommended that you place the executable in its own directory, as it creates temporary files in the application folder.

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