MTK META Utility V65 Update

MTK META Utility V65

MTK META Utility V65:

MTK META Utility V65 is a free tool allow users to Bypass MTK Auth, in this update added Samsung old devices (2016 - 2018) Switch preloader mode to BRom mode without test-point, Demo Remove mode for VIVO 2022 latest devices, it's also support latest MTK devices to Remove User lock, Read / Write

NVRAM, Unlock Demo, allow users to Bypass AUTH and lots of Functions are available.

MTK META Utility V65:

META Utility Features:

Samang Fix bricked

Disable AUTH

VIVO Force BootROM 2022

Factory Reset Meta

Read / Write NVRAM

Samsung Force/Exit BootROM

Unlock Network

Vivo Demo Remove

Samsung Factory Reset

Reboot META

Reboot AT Mode

Dump Preloader

MTK META Utility V65

Changelog: -

Most requested feature for Windows: 

Since windows is missing Ext4 FS driver, and only support mount as Read-only FS for Ext4 partitions.
Here, Ext4 File system explorer (Read/Write/Delete) access with SUPER IMG (META-Data) support. 

Supported features: 

Write/Replace File content from local file.
Delete sub Ext4 file completely (safe).
List Ext4 directories (sub-partitions). 
Preview Ext4 file content.
Read Ext4 File content into local file.

Directly modified (super, system, vendor, product, protect partitions, opporeserve2, EFS, SEC_EFS, NV-DATA).
Protect partitions to legally disable carrier network lock.
Disable some system apps (Apks) to temporary disable (KG/Screen) locks.
Convert to non-sparse images using (simg2img) binary, then reload with the explorer.


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