MTK META Utility V66 AUTH Bypass Tool

MTK META Utility V66

MTK META Utility V66 Samsung Update

MTK META Utility V66 is a free tool allow users to Bypass MTK Auth, in this update added Add Convert Ext4 Sparse Added Exit BRom mode for (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G), Samsung old devices (2016 - 2018) Switch preloader mode to BRom mode without test-point, Demo Remove mode for VIVO 2022

latest devices, it's also support latest MTK devices to Remove User lock, Read / Write NVRAM, Unlock Demo, allow users to Bypass AUTH and lots of Functions are available.

MTK META Utility Features:

Samang Fix bricked

Disable AUTH

VIVO Force BootROM 2022

Factory Reset Meta

Read / Write NVRAM

Samsung Force/Exit BootROM

Unlock Network

Vivo Demo Remove

Samsung Factory Reset

Reboot META

Reboot AT Mode

Dump Preloader

MTK META Utility V66


Added Convert Ext4 Sparse (compressed) files to non-sparse files,

Modify (Write/Delete) Non-compressed super images

Removed the specified (.img & .bin) extension file loader

Ext4 file preview option revised & optimized (the software will rename the temp file with the original extension)

- Added Exit BRom mode for (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G), if the device stuck at BootROM mode due to corrupted PGPT table - Enter BRom with (MTK META Utility V42), A13 5G uses MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 CPU:




To Exit MTK Port (Write EXT_PATH/SAMGPT/A136U_pgpt.bin as USER_SECTION) device will boot to system normally.


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Tool info Details
  Name MTK META Utility V66
  File Size 60MB
  Latest Version V66
  Download Links Direct | MediaFireMEGA |

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