TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.1.1 MTK Spd Update

TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.1.1

TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.1.1 MTK Spd Update:

TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.1.1 is a free tool by TFT team, in this update Added Spreadtrum and MediaTek big update. SPRD GENERIC ERASE FRP, FORMAT DATA, Flash Firmware. MTK Supported Socs Brom Exploit Added Lots of Models "Without Auth" BROM Mode by USB and Fixed Protocol. 

Tap RECOVERY SIDELOAD Method: 1 Disable MiCloud OFLINE fix update error add lots of new models and bug fixes. Improved Qualcomm Read & Write, its allowed users to safe format Partition, Remove FRP, unlock MediaTek and QUALCOMM CPU. Added Flash MTK Scatter File for all MediaTek devices. Backup features add for Oppo, Vivo and other devices. Extra features added Auth Bypass, crash to Brom, Disable Verity / Realme, SIM Unlock etc. Added New Model iTel SPD Device.

TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.1.1:

TFT Features:

Add new Model MediaTek and Spreadtrum.

Added Without Auth BROM Mode by USB

Remove FRP with one click

Change CSC with one click (beta)

Fixing Connecting to device to brom

Factory Reset MTK Qualcomm

Enable Call Recording (Samsung)

Remove Huawei ID

Remove Demo Mode Operation

Bootloaders unlock without data lose

Updated Support 4 Qualcomm CPU by model

add GPT Partition for Qualcomm CPU

With supported dump / write / Erase

Xiaomi Redmi Sideload.
TFT Unlocker Digital V1.6.1.1



Supported Socs Brom Exploit 

Added Following Models "Without Auth" BROM Mode by USB  

Fixed Protocol

(MT6739, MT6753,
MT6771, MT6779,
MT6873, MT6885, MT8127, MT8163,
MT8516, MT8695)


Fix some issues [SPRD] Flash Firmware

Added Unisoc SC7731 SPD SC7731
Added Unisoc SC7731E SPD SC7731E
Added Unisoc SC9863A SPD SC9863A
Added Unisoc SC9832E SPD SC9832E
Added Unisoc T610 SPD T610

How To Remove FRP with one click:

Connect the phone to the PC, install the Samsung driver if you have not yet installed
Go to energy call then type *#0*# OR *#*#88#*#*

Click on Remove FRP
Click Accept USB debugging on the phone if it appears

The phone will finish and reboot after removing FRP.

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Software Password = TFT

impotent Install Libusb Filter Driver for MTK

File Info Details
  Name  TFT Unlocker Digital
  Version  V1.6.1.1
  File Size  250MB
  Password  TFT
  Download  Direct | Mediafire |AndroidFilehost | Google Drive | MEGA |

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