MTK META Utility V78 Samsung Force Brom

MTK META Utility V78

MTK META Utility V78 Samsung Force Brom:

MTK META Utility V78 is a free tool, Samsung Force BootROM (Crash By PGPT) back, we have restored it to support A136U. New Features and Enhancements allow users to Bypass MTK Auth, in this update Added Patch Xiaomi Qualcomm Firmware to Disable MI Cloud Lock., Convert Ext4 Sparse Added Exit BRom mode for (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G), Samsung old devices (2016 - 2018) Switch Preloader mode to BRom mode without test-point, Demo Remove mode for VIVO 2022 latest devices, it's also support latest MTK devices to Remove User lock, Read / Write NVRAM, Unlock Demo, allow users to Bypass AUTH and lots of Functions are available.

Fixed (STATUS_DA_HASH_MISMATCH) while exiting BRom for VIVO devices. This software was made for educational purposes only, - USE it at your own risk.

MTK META Utility V78 Free Download:

META Utility Features:

Samang Fix bricked.

Disable AUTH

Samsung Dead Repair (USB)

VIVO Force BootROM 2022

Factory Reset Meta

Read / Write NVRAM

Samsung Force/Exit BootROM

Unlock Network

Vivo Demo Remove

Samsung Factory Reset

Reboot META

Reboot AT Mode

Dump Preloader

META Utility Changelogs V78!

New (Features/Enhancements/Improvements) :

- Added Samsung Force Brom by PGPT for :

- Samsung Galaxy A13 5G :

(SM-A136U, SM-A136U1, SM-A136W, SM-A136B)

- Samsung Galaxy M13 5G :

(SM-M136B, SM-M136B/DS)

- Samsung Galaxy F42 5G :

(SM-E426B, SM-E426B/DS)

- Samsung Galaxy A31 :

(SM-A315F, SM-A315F/DS, SM-A315G/DS, SM-A315G, SM-A315N)

- To exit BRom after using PGPT method, 

you need good PGPT to download as UserSection from BRom tab, 

GPT backups can be found inside (MTKMETAUtility\\SAMGPT) directory.

- Added Device manager button.

Please don't try this function with:

Devices with (Locked/Active).

Devices with [SEC CTRL STATUS (0/2)].

Devices from TracFone WS carrier (TFN).

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed (STATUS_DA_HASH_MISMATCH) while exiting BRom for VIVO devices - or BootSection download function in general.

- Fixed (Chip not supported) while exiting Brom for VIVO V23 5G (VIVO MT68xx). After force BootROM with other tools.

- Fixed progress bar alignment.


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File Info Details
  Name  MTK META Utility
  Version  V78
  File Size  60MB
  Password  mtk_meta_utility
  Activation  Free
  Download  Direct | Mediafire |AndroidFilehost | Google Drive | MEGA |

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